We appreciate your interest in helping us make this event both an all-around enjoyable experience for the participants and a meaningful fundraiser for the Albany Medical Center Children's Hospital. To best express our appreciation for your assistance as well as provide your company with visibility for your contribution, we have created five sponsorship levels as follows:

100 Bed
50 Bed

25 Bed

1 Bed
Business Visibility
Online Registration Form Logo Logo      
Name/Logo on T-shirts Logo on sleeve Logo on back Name on back Name on back  
Materials Distributed at Event X X X X X
Name/Logo/Link on Website Logo + L Logo + L Logo + L Name + L Name + L
Race Day Recognition
Logo on Race Bibs X X      
Corporate Banner Display 2 1 1 1  
Inclusion on General Event Sponsor Banner Logo Logo Logo Name  
Complimentary Entries 5 4 3 2 1
Name Recognition Announcement X X X X X

1We are looking for a single title sponsor. This company will be officially recognized as the presenting sponsor, such that the event will be referred to as the Fall Frun 10K presented by <Title Sponsor>
---> Our 2012 Title Sponsor is Internet Marketing Ninjas!

You can become a sponsor via our online system or via our printable sponsorship form.

Online Sponsorship System | Printable Sponsorship Form

Feel free to contact our sponsorship coordinator Randy Goldberg at