This event is directed and will be timed by ARE Event Productions using the ChronoTrack B-Tag timing system. The tags ("chips") come attached to the back of your bib. They are disposable and do not get returned when you finish.

Please ensure that you do not bend, fold, nor in any way modify the bib. It must be worn on the front of your outermost layer of clothing.

The event will feature timing splits at the following locations:
- The Start Line (To allow us to provide you with a NET time in addition to your GUN time.)
- The Halfway Point (5k)
- The Finish


Results and awards will all be based on GUN time. GUN time refers to the time it takes an individual to complete the course from when the "gun" goes off, and is independent of when a person crosses the start line. This will ensure that the first person to reach the line will immediately know that he/she has won. NET time is provided solely for the personal use of an individual.